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  1. Bullet                Cypress College:  Go Places!

                                 Certificates and Degrees


Please be sure to verify your educational plan with a counselor and the most recent catalog for the year you are attending. 

We recommend starting with a Basic Certificates, the Aviation Certificate 1 (for pilots), or an ancillary certificate depending upon your area of interest.

        Certificates and Degrees:

                Aviation Management: 2015 Aviation ManagementChecklist FALL 2015.doc

                Airline Customer Services: Airline Customer Services Certificate Checklists FALL-2015.doc

                Flight Attendant: Flight Attendant Certificate Checklists FALL-2015.doc

                Travel Tourism: Travel Toursim Certificate Checklists FALL-2015.doc

                Commercial Pilot I-IV Certificates and Degree: 2015 Aviation I - IV Certificate Requirements FALL 2015.doc

                NEW: UAV (drone) certificate and program has been submitted for state approval.  Courses have already    

                    been approved and begin  with the fall semester.

        Ancillary Certificates:

                Cruise Certificate  Cruise Certificate Checklists FALL-2015.doc

                Homeland Security Certificate  Homeland Security Certificate Checklists FALL-2015.doc

                Tourism Conference Management

                NEW SPRING 2016:  Basic Airport Operations Certificate.docx

        Master List of Classes and Certificates: Fall '14CERTIFICATE CHECKLIST-May 14-2014-1.xlsx



You may begin by attending part-time (1 class) or full-time (4-6 classes).  Click on a link to find the course requirements for the certificates and degrees that interest you.  For additional programs and general education (GE) requirements for degrees and transfer, please refer to the Cypress College Catalog.  Once you know the classes you need to complete a certificate and/or degree, you can check the Cypress College Schedule to find the classes that fit your schedule.

Double or Dual Major: You may opt to “dual major” by applying some of these courses to more than one certificate.  

Hot tip! Remember to apply for your certificates, degree, and graduation at the beginning of your last semester.  The awards are not automatic and they will not be issued until you have completed your classes. Click here for the Admissions and Records Forms

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      ATC and AVIA Internship Information

Note:Articulation Agreements are in existence for transfer programs to the following universities:

Arizona State University

California State University, Los Angeles

San Jose State University

Southern Illinois University

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